Berlin Rejectology Emergency Care Center

Freitag 05. Oktober 2018 —
Freitag 05. Oktober 2018

Dears, how was your summer? Are you still cooling from the heat of love or are you already fed up with rejection? Did you spend the hottest days delirious under soft blankets? Are you looking forward to juicy pay checks or did you get fired and can’t find a new job for unknown reasons? Did your inbox fill up with invitations to parties that you passively attended tapping through Instastories? Did you apply to university, a residency or funding but didn’t get it? How will you manage the pressure of your future self?
We’re just curious how life treated you recently. Either way, you’re not alone. Rejection divides us but it can also bring us closer together in its universal nature – we’ve all been there.

Disclosing rejectology as a science, we, the Rejectologists, warmly welcome you at the Rejectology Emergency Care Centre where we offer remedies and various treatments for your rejection-fueled suffering.

Make sure you bring your pain, guilt, hate, unforgettable memories, failed tests, unsuccessful WG interviews, broken hearts, bullshit, rejection papers and dating app profiles, unliked pictures and unattended events and we will offer you our care.

The Rejectology Emergency Care Center opens on a Sunday afternoon; a day for family, friends, hangovers, anxiousness after having been out for too long, maybe for being rejected from your favorite club, or by the person you wanted to go home with?
Bullies, rejectors and ghosts are also welcomed. We tailor our therapies to every problem.
We are free of charge and free of judgement. We welcome you with open hearts and invite you to rethink rejection together and share full spectrum experiences hoping to finally free each other from the fear of weaknesses and feelings.

With and by artists:
Katya Elizarova, Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Nural Moser, Sunniva Innstrand, Natalia Acevedo, Eva Vuillemin, Kristina Hubert, Carla Schliephack, Shay Yacinton Ariel, Zeit + Geld, Anabelle Copelin + Jemek Jemovit, Stephan Thierbach, Kris Bekker